Mission Statement

Student Nurse Journey is an online caring community devoted to helping nursing students. We do this by gathering clinical resources and assist with critical thinking. We also provide a place for students to come together to share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas, stories, and most of all, to support one another as future nurses.


We Care About


Nursing Students

We believe every student should have every advantage possible for success. Using the versatility of the web we strive to compliment formal education as an additional tool for learning. We also provide a central meeting place for student’s thoughts, ideas and clinical experiences to be shared and for emotional support to be exchanged.


The Patients

We aim to increase patient safety by increasing the knowledge base in our new nurses. Our newsletter explores a wide variety of clinical scenarios that aim to fill gaps of material they were not exposed to in their clinical rotations.


The Nursing Profession and its Future

Gaining national recognition of the scope and value of our profession is of paramount importance. We promote the movement of nurses to make high level decisions and create positive changes, in national and local health care policy and delivery systems.


The Nursing Nation

We are dedicated to promoting strong bonds between fellow nurses.  Nurses are mandated to assess, teach and care for our patients-Student Nurse Journey’s mission also promotes assessing, teaching and sportively caring for “our young.”  We believe working together promotes achievement and leads to personal and professional satisfaction.



To be the premiere online community responsible for an increase in patient safety, communication and camaraderie in nursing.   A voice for nurse leaders to speak out to students and a well utilized resource base helping students through nursing school and beyond.


There are three main areas of our community:

Newsletter – Peers and faculty looking to reach out to national and international student nurse population are invited to submit articles, advice, or exam questions  for publication. Individual and groups of students will be spotlighted as well as info on intern/extern and New Grad Nurse opportunities. Practice exam questions are included in our newsletter. Using technological guidance, critical thinking skills are developed at all student levels. We also spotlight current nursing research and articles.  Begin your subscription in your first semester and by the time you graduate you’ll be comfortable with the licensure questions and better prepared for practice.

Resource Pages – We provide and supply links to the best educational information (at student nurse level) on the web. We break learning down into small detailed segments in text and a variety of multimedia formats to help all types of learners.  We have it all from abbreviations, a breakdown of body systems and corresponding pathophysiologies for review to providing info on the varied hospital intern and orientation programs enabling new nurses to make informed decisions as they begin their careers.

Nursing Career Catalog –  We believe school provides an excellent foundation for nursing practice however, a solid Nursing Residency Program has been proven to increase New Grad confidence, satisfaction and patient safety.  Students need to be informed of the advances of New Grad Nurse programs and those institutions offering such programs.  Once all students are aware of available programs they should be questioning all potential employers about their New Grad Nurse on-boarding processes.  The Catalog also provides time frames for applying to such programs which are typically six to nine months prior to their graduation date.