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Post-clinical conference was my favorite part of the clinical day.   Caring for my patients was great but also stressful as a new student.  After clinical, we would gather with the group and talk about our experiences in a relaxed environment. There would always be at least one experience shared that kept the rest of us on the edge of our seats.   You saw what?  What did you do?  What were you thinking?  What did you do next?  How did you think it through?  And our instructor would ask, “What would you do differently next time?”  Our minds were so fresh and lacking actual practice knowledge.  Those stories, told in the words of another student nurse, is information students totally relate to and provides for an excellent teaching/learning experience.  What’s your story?


Guest Contributor Guidelines

Your number one goal is to help educate and broaden the knowledge of current and future students.  Your story can be real,  fiction, or a combination of both.  Either way it is imperative you keep the dignity of all patients as the utmost importance.  For Stories based on actual patients, you must never reveal their real names, or any other identifying information.  See Safe Harbor Rules from HIPPA for the complete list of 18 identifiable areas to be avoided to stay in compliance.   Lab values and vital signs are allowed and encouraged as they pertain to critical thinking and nursing actions.  Also see: A Word About Real Case Studies and Care Plans

Good Guest Contributors:

  • Write from the perspective of the carer noting the concern for what your patient is going through.
  • Walks the reader through the nursing process, explaining your thoughts and critical thinking skills.
  • Reflects on other areas of nursing education and shares their successes and what they learned from community projects, leadership projects, etc.

Types of Submissions:

  • Clinical Stories
  • Clinical Reflections
  • Care Plans
  • Study Notes
  • NCLEX Style Exam Questions
  • Videos (educational or for fun): Clinical Scenarios, Skits, Music Videos, etc.
  • Original Coloring Pages
  • Cartoons
  • Anything Else Nursing Related
  • Submit post as a .doc, .pdf or in an email submissions[at]
  • Do not introduce yourself to the readers. Your bio will be at the bottom of the post so everything you need to say can be written in the bio section.
  • Do not greet the readers by saying hello. Just write.
  • We also accept NCLEX type exam questions.

Post Format:

  • Minimum 200 words.
  • Shorter paragraphs are preferred to longer ones.
  • Break up the information into bite sized chunks.
  • Lists are effective too, if it applies to your post.
  • Do not introduce yourself to the readers. Your bio will be at the bottom of the post so everything you’d like to say can be written in the bio section.
  • Do not greet the readers by saying hello. Just write.
  • Upload your videos to YouTube and send us the URL address
  • Submit post as a .doc, .pdf or in an email to submissions[at]


  • All posts must be written in English, using correct grammar and spelling.
  • Must be original writing, published to be only published on Student Nurse Journey.
  • Posts will be verified for authenticity.
  • No promotional links in the post.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • All submissions become the property of Student Nurse Journey with full credit given to the author.


  • Minor editing may be done and will be done so without your approval.
  • We will change the patient’s name again, just to be sure and remove or change any more information that could in any way be identifying.
  • Major editing requiring a rewrite will have the post sent back with suggestions only if you request this in your submission.
  • If you have concerns about editing, please contact us directly ahead of time.


Pictures have visual appeal and draw the reader in, plus our design requires a photo for every post. Please submit a picture that you have taken yourself.  Student Nurse Journey reserves the right to withhold the picture from the post or substitute the picture.  You are welcome to watermark your pictures.  By submitting your picture you give us permission to reprint the picture and use it  for promotional reasons for Student Nurse Journey. Photo sizes are best at 600px wide. We do not use pictures from Pinterest.

You receive:

  • Post publication on Student Nurse Journey.
  • Short bio at the end of the article with a picture of your choice and a link back to your blog if you happen to have one
  • Permanent link from within the post in your author bio.
  • A certificate with your permanent link.


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