Title Type* Length Author Level
Elemental Groups Interactive* Sheppard Software Beg
Introduction to the Atom Video 21:05 Salman Khan, MS Beg
Basic Atomic Structure: A look inside the Atom Video 7:45 Tyer DeWitt, PhD Beg
Atomic Structure Tutorial Interactive* 28 Slides Chemthink Beg
Build an Atom – play with atomic structure Interactive* U. of Boulder Beg
Valence Electrons and the Periodic Table Video 16:53 Tyler DeWitt PhD Beg
The Electron Video 12:49 Hank Green, MS Beg
What’s an Ion Video 6:52 Tyer DeWitt, PhD Beg
How to Draw a Lewis Structure Video 3:40 Nate Chem Teacher Beg
Octet Rule and Valence Changes Video 14:06 Sciencepost Beg
The Chemical Bond Song Video 3:27 Mr. Edmonds Beg
Polar Covalent, Nonpolar covalent & Ionic Bonds Video 15:27 Sciencepost Beg
A beginners Guide to Balancing Equations Video 11:09 Paul Anderson, MS Beg
Balancing Nuclear Equations Video 4:23 ChemVisions Beg
OMG The Organic Molecule Game (Quiz) Game* University of Illinois Beg
CellCraft- learn parts of a cell and their role Game* 30:00+ Carolina Beg
Animal Cell Game* Cell Games Beg
Bacterial Cell Game* Cell Games Beg
How cells obtain energy Animated Video 14:02 eBioMedia Beg
That’s Why Carbon Is A Tramp Video 12:33 Hank Green, MS Beg
Biological Molecules – You are what you eat Video 14:09 Hank Green, MS Beg
Eukaryopolis – The City of Animal Cells Video 11:35 Hank Green, MS Beg
Ionic Regulation Across Membranes Video 0:46 MediCalUnited Beg

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