Understanding each body system and how they interact is the foundation of your nursing practice. You will apply your knowledge of system’s anatomy and physiology to every patient you assess. Knowing how the systems affect each other will give you the intellectual tools you need to formulate your care plans. Come back whenever you need a review or submit your own creative resource to give back and help teach other future nurses.




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Cardiac Medications

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Cardiac Physiology

Where the Heart Beats Video 10:08 Dr. Rishi Desai Beg
Doors, Walls & Breakfast of the Heart Video 12:12 Dr. Rishi Desai Beg
Review the Heart in Under Three Minutes Video 2:56 Unknown Beg
Heart Valves and Electrical Nodes in Under 3 Minutes Video 2:34 HCL Learning Beg
Heart Conduction and EKG Wave Explained Video 3:35 Unknown Beg
The Heart’s Electrical System with Basic EKG Wave Interactive NIH Heart, Lung & Blood Institute Beg
Pumps Your Blood Song – Memorize the Flow of Blood Song 1:43 Anson Williams Beg
EKG Explained with Sound and Dance Video 3:33 Jan Procter-King Beg
Depolarization vs Repolarization Visual Memory Aid Images 1 pg SNJ Beg

Cardiac Assessments

Listen to Heart Sounds with Your Stethoscope Video 5:38 Rona, RN Beg
Hear and See Placement for Heart Sounds S1 & S2 Video 1:52 Unknown Beg
Hear and See Placement for Heart Sounds S3, S4 & Murmurs Video 3:05 Unknown Beg
Cardiac Assessments For Nursing Students Video 24:15 Pocket Prof Beg
Cardiovascular Exam With Explanation Video 12:45 U. of Leicester Beg
Electrical Condution in the Heart & Abnormalities Video 38:07 Dr. John Campbell Beg
More Audio Heart Sounds Interactive U. Of Washington Dept. of Med Beg
Compare EKG Rythm Presentation 9 slides Ohio State UMC Beg

Patient Care

Angina Care Plan Text 9 pg Pinoynurse Beg
Post Cardiac Catheterization Nursing Care Video 5:43 South West Health Beg
Decreased Cardiac Output Care Plan Text 2 pg Meg Gulanick, RN, PhD Beg
Your Care Plan Here – Be a Guest Editor Text You, SN Beg
Sample Outpatient Facility Protocol – Chest Pain Text 3 pg Unknown Beg
CABG Post Op Care First 24 Hours Text 1 pg Unknown Beg

Diseases & Disorders

A Quick Look at Coronary Bypass Surgery Video 3:50 Gulf News Beg
Congestive Heart Failure: Pathophysiology Video 7:56 Susanna Heinze Beg
What is Congestive Heart Failure? Video 3:07 Illumistream Beg
Cardiac Dysrhythmia Dance Video 5:54 Sammy T Beg
A Quick Look at Coronary Bypass Surgery Video 3:50 Gulf News Beg
A Lesson in Marfan’s by Pedro Video 10:35 Pedro Quinones Beg
Right Sided and Left Sided Heart Failure Video 8:29 Jannah George, MS, BSN, RN, NE-BC(c) Beg
A Quick Look at Coronary Bypass Surgery Video 3:50 Gulf News Beg
Hyperkalemia Video 16:36 Dr. Eric Strong Int
 Angina (Chest Pain) – General Course of Care Video Beg
Video Beg
What is Coronary Angioplasty? Video  2:54  Fortis Healthcare Beg
Cardiac Tamponade and Beck’s Triad Video  5:10  CanandQbank Int
Pericardiocentesis with Scenarios Video  9:53  Wake Forest School of Medicine Int

Cardiac Medications

Patient Teaching Coumadin (Warfarin sodium) Video 3:03 Elizabeth SN & Kristen Donovan SN Beg
Coumadin Patient Teaching Demonstration Video 6:06

Marjorie Prestopine, SN

Lovenox and Warfarin Patient Teaching Video 11:19 Amy Buss, Alberto Moreno, Catherine Pheasant Beg
For Patients Living with Warfarin Video 16.22 John Hopkins Medicine Beg
Coumadin Rap Song Video 3:44 Dr. Gregory Stajich, Pharm.D. Beg
Coumadin – Foods and Medications to Avoid Video 3:56 USMA Health Beg
Cardiac Medications: Mixing and Matching Slides 97 Slides craigmdo Int
Nitroglycerin Patient. Teaching Flyer 3pg Ohio State UMC Beg
Cardiac Emergency Drugs for MedSurg Nurses .pdf 4 pg F.A. Davis Int
Hypertension Medications First 4 Basics Video 19:52 Roger Seheult, MD Int
How to Take Nitroglycerin  Video  2:40 Jennifer Riccobono, RN  Beg
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Cardiac Nursing Organizations

Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) Council on Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing
Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses Australasian Cardiovascular Nursing College

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