♥  The first 5:10 minutes explains what’s going on with cardiac tamponade and what Beck’s triad is and how it fits in and the remainder of the video goes over medical scenarios where MD would make the Dx of Cardiac Tamponade.

♥  Beck’s Triad

  • Hypotention, low blood pressure
  • Muffled or distant sounding heart sounds when listened via stethoscope
  • JVD, Jugular Venous Distention, neck veins can be seen pulsating

♥  This video talks about this seen after trauma as in a stabbing however, you might find it as a complication post cardiac surgery so be on the lookout for this with your post surgical patient.

Pericardiocanteses, a needle placed into the pericardium (capsule of the heart) to drain the fluid may be necessary and you, as the nurse could be there to assist with that

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