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Creating Care Plans & Care Maps

Nursing Care Plan Guide .pdf 3 pgs. Unknown Beg
CTE Concept Mapping Text & Diagrams 7 pgs. Texas CTE Beg
Concept Mapping – A preview for Preceptors .ppsx 20 slides Kathleen Huun, Ph.D Beg
Concept Map Care Plan Guide .pdf 2 pgs. Unknown Beg
Sample Concept Map 1 .doc 1 pg. Unknown Beg
Concept Map 1 part II .doc 3 pgs. Unknown Int.
Concept Map Generaator Tool F. A. Davis Co.

Nursing Diagnoses

What is Nursing Diagnosis – And Why Should I Care? Text 1 pg. NANDA Beg
Nursing Diagnoses Arranged by Gordon’s Health Patterns Text 10 pgs. Jeanette Koshar, Ph.D Beg
2012-2014 Dx List .pdf 6 pgs. Unknown Beg

Sample Care Plans

Nursing Care Plan for an Infant with a Cleft Lip and /or Palate Diagram 5 pgs. Prenhall Pub. Beg
Obstetric Nursing Care Plan .doc 11 pgs. Tina Kloepfer SN Int
Lithium Toxicity .doc 41 pgs. Diana Hollister SN Int
Teaching Care Plan for Perineal Care Postpartum Text 6 pgs. S. G., SN Beg
A Client with MS .pdf 1 pg. Prenhall Pub. Beg
* Last updated 9/15  More sample care plans can be found inside the body systems  pages.

Hello, I’m Karen Kearsley, RN, BSN, the creator and editor of Student Nurse Journey. Combining nursing knowledge and programming skills my mission is to help nursing students. I enjoy providing students assistance with difficult nursing topics by presenting resources in a variety of multimedia formats with many contributing authors. It’s the showcasing and celebrating students’ original work and accomplishments that make up my favorite pages. I hope not only help students in their education but to also promote a culture of students helping students and have that carry on to nurses helping nurses throughout their careers.

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