“What is the better thing to do when there is a situation where there is not a good thing to do?” is what Carol Gilligan asks in this short video staring Gilligan.  She talks about moral dilemmas involving people’s sense of selflessness and other factors individuals face in tough situations.

  You will work with patients who have been given news about their medical condition and work with them as they struggle to make choices.   This video helps you look at different view points, and gets you to look at and think about possible different viewpoints of others.

♥  Say your patient tells you that they are not taking their BP medication.  We are taught to teach the importance of taking their BP meds even though patients don’t feel like they need them.  An experienced nurse will dig a little deeper as to reasons why they are not taking their meds.  Could it be that they are facing a choice of paying for their BP meds vs. feeding their family?  If that’s the case you can help them find services that can help them pay for their meds.  Keep in mind patients could have moral issues influencing their health decisions.

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