Review Category : Clinical Reflections

Sample Clinical Reflection

Week Three Med-Surg Journal By  Leigh Ann Tatnall, SN Experience: What happened? Day one: My patient was a 73 year-old male that had just undergone a facet injection for lower back pain and left-sided sciatica. He had a history of atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Type II diabetes, renal insufficiency and a high PSA. I performed my assessment and noticed that he had a hard, distended abdomen and hypoactive bowel sounds. It had been four days since his last bowel movement. The only other abnormality with the assessment was the diminished pulses in the lower extremities were at ...

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A CVA in Progress

It was winter break mid freshman year and I just signed on to a visiting nurse agency as a home health aid. My first assignment was with a nice, quiet, elderly gentleman named Paul*. He was recently d/c from the hospital s/p CVA. He was staying at his daughter’s home when I was called in to keep watch over him and tend to his basic care. His daughter was a nurse who reported that he had been doing well since being d/c and felt that he was on the road to recovery. She reported no Hemiparesis. She was going to ...

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