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Share sensitive information details away from the patient.

Cardiac enzymes  measure the levels of enzymes and proteins that are linked with injury of the heart muscle.  These enzymes and proteins are normally found in your blood in low levels.  In damaged heart muscle cells, the enzymes and proteins leak out of damaged heart muscle cells, as with a heart attack, and their levels in the bloodstream will increase.

  The troponin test measures the levels of certain proteins called troponin T and troponin I in the blood. These proteins are released when the heart muscle has been damaged, as in the case of a heart attack. The more damage there is to the heart, the larger  amount of troponin T and I  will be found in the blood.

Losartan is an Antihypertensive, more specifically, a angiotensin receptor blocker (ARBs). It’s effect results from blocking the vasoconstricting and aldosterone-secreting effects of angiotensin II.  Check with MD before giving this medication if patient’s BP is low.

ITRACE: Safety checks for lines and tubing to avoid connection errors

  • I: Illuminate the patient care area whenever invasive medical lines and tubes are
    manipulated (initiated, accessed, maintained, or discontinued).
  • T: Perform hand hygiene. Touch the line or tube and trace it from the insertion point
    on the patient back to the point of origin.
  • R: Preform a cognitive review
  • A: Act. If you find a mismatch or a questionable connection, look into it.
  • C: Clarify and correct any flawed connection or line.
  • E: Expect to use ITRACE every time you access, start, manipulate, discontinue, or pass off care of lines to other caregivers.

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