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Nursing Notes & Documentation

Differences in Methods of Nursing Documentation Presentation 31 Slides Nestor Salazar Jr, BSN Beg
Nursing Documentation Basic Rules Text 1 pg Unknown Beg
SOAP Note Examples Text 4 pg Unknown Beg
Focus Charting Text 1 pg WRH Beg
Nursing Documentation Q & A Text 2 pg Spencer Wade, RN Beg
Charting Mistakes To Avoid with Legal Implications Text 2 pg M. DeMilliano, BSN, JD Beg

Reporting Patient’s Status / Hand-Off

CFRH Bedside Shift Report Video 3:30 CFRH Beg
Bedside Report with Swag Video 3:19 Rowena HCA Beg
Nurse Bedside Report/Handoff Video 4:41 Howard County General Beg
Duke Raleigh Hospital Nursing Bedside Shift Report Video 12:55 Duke Raleigh Beg
Bedside Handoff Video 6:18 Unknown Beg
Nursing Bedside Shift Report – Intubated patient Video 6:17 Christinia Health Int
As The Shift Changes Video 9:14 UCSD Medical Center Beg
Bedside Hand-Off with Nursing Assistants Video 7:42 Yakama Valley Memorial Hospital Beg
Hand-Off Communication: SBAR Presentation 24 Slides Guada Allen, BSN, CMSRN Beg
Bedside Shift Report Checklist  Text 1 pg AHRQ Beg

Clinical Reflection Journal Writing & Communicating

Reflective Writing for Nursing Students Text 2 pg Queens Nursing Institute Beg
Reflective Writing – Questions to Answer Text 1 pg SNJ Beg
Sample Clinical Reflection Text 2 pg Leigh Ann Tatnall, SN Beg
Sample Clinical Reflection 2 Text 2 pg Lynda Luke, SN Beg
Submit Your Clinical Reflection Text 1 pg SNJourney Beg
Part I —Therapeutic Communication Techniques Text 1 pg Unknown Beg
Part II —Non-therapeutic Communication Techniques Text 1 pg Unknown Beg
What NOT to Say to Patients Video 15:00 Adrianne Haslet-Davis Beg
Rapid Response Team – A Guide for New Nurses Text 2 pg SNJ Beg
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