Dr. Campbell is a nursing educator and I like how he teaches how you should think of this as a health care worker.  Note how he states interpreting the EKG wave is not how we assess patients, it’s only one small part of the whole patient assessment.  You have to look at the patient and see how they are doing, check pulses, swelling, alertness etc.

  ISCHEMIA is when tissue not getting enough oxygen and it can cause chest pain in the patient.  Patients are often given Nitro for this condition.  Nitro will cause vasodilation allowing more blood to flow through the narrowed blood vessel and hopefully relieve the pain.
  INFARCTION is the end result of too much ischemia. it means death of the tissue once the tissue has been deproved of oxygen for so long the tissue dies.   In other words infarction is the end result of severe prolonged ischemia.

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