Understanding each body system and how they interact is the foundation of your nursing practice. You will apply your knowledge of system’s anatomy and physiology to every patient you assess. Knowing how the systems affect each other will give you the intellectual tools you need to formulate your care plans. Come back whenever you need a review or submit your own creative resource to give back and help teach other future nurses.



Patient Care

Diseases & Disorders

Eye & Ear Medications

Professional Organizations

*Internal & external links. Always consult your policy and procedure manual at your facility before preforming any nursing procedures.

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Eye & Ear Physiology

The Vestibular System-Motion Demonstration Video 3:12 William D. Hill PhD Beg
Demo of Vertigo and Nystagmus Video 3:11 Meniere’s Organization of Australia Beg
Eye Anatomy Review Video 14:19 Mitch Ricketts Ph.D. Beg
How the Ear Works Video 6:44 Brandon Pletsch Beg
Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye Video 12:41 Timothy Root, M.D. Beg
The Physiology of Ear Popping Video 4:12 Fauquier ENT Beg

Eye & Ear Assessments

The Baby’s Brain – Infant Vision Interactive PBS Beg
Eye & Ear Assessment Slides Presentation 59 Slides NURS 304 Beg
A Look into a Healthy Ear Canal Video 1:38 Hearing Health Care Beg
Middle Ear Fluid vs. Normal Ear Drum Video 24:15 Pocket Prof Beg
Nursing Eye Assessment Video 6:25 Unknown Beg
Student Nurse Eye Exam Video 6:31 Hannah Kuster Beg
PERRLA or PEARL Assessment Video 2:18 Virginia Beach EMT Beg

Patient Care

7 practical strategies to help visually impaired patients maintain their independence Text 1 pg Johns Hopkins Beg
Hearing Screening in Older Adults .pdf 2 pg Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing Beg
Sensory Changes in Older Adults Text 4 pg Evindence Based Geriatric Nursing Beg
Caring for Patients Who are Blind or Visually Impaired: Factsheet Text 1 pg Vision Center of Excellenc Beg
Communicating with People with Hearing Loss Text 1 pg UCSF Health Beg
Nursing Care Plan: Glaucoma and Cataracts Text 1 pg Unknown Beg
Nursing Care Plan: Glaucoma and Cataracts Text 1 pg Unknown Beg
Caring for Patients Who are Blind or Low Vision: All Ages Text 3 pg Vision Australia Beg

Diseases & Disorders

Demonstration of Vertigo & Nystagmus Video 3:10 Meniere’s Australia Beg
Meniere’s Disease – What Happens in the Inner Ear? Video 2:43 Dr. Christopher Chang Beg
Macular Degeneration Video 4:13 AmerraMedical Beg
Eye Floaters, Retinal Tears and Retinal Detachments Video 2:16 Sharam Danesh MD Beg
Glaucoma Quickly Explained Video 0:41 National Eye Institute Beg

Eye & Ear Medications

Administering Eye Drops Video 1:05 Lacola Beg
Putting in Eye Drops Video 3:00

Dr. Brad Elkins

Proper Ear Drop Administration Video 2:29 C. Chang, MD Beg
Instilling Ear Drops Video 3:15 Kylie Moen, SN Beg
Glaucoma Meds and Punctal Occlusion Video 1:43 Dr. A. Sydney Williams Beg
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Eye and Ear Nursing Organizations

Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses (SOHN) Australian
Ophthalmic Nurses’ Association
American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses International
Ophthalmic Nurses Association

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