Glucometer finger stick

  1. Wash hands using soap and warm running water(while singing Happy Birthday).
  2. Put on disposable gloves to prevent contact with blood borne pathogens. Use a
    new pair of gloves EACH time this procedure it done. Wear the disposable gloves
    throughout the procedure. Do not take them off to put on band-aids.
  3. Unwrap a band-aid and lay the band-aid, a test strip, a lancet and an alcohol prep
    pad on a disposable paper towel.
  4. Turn on the glucometer and place a test strip in the machine when the machine is
    ready. If the glucometer requires a code, check the code number on the test strip container and match it to the number on the glucometer.  Watch the indicator for placing the blood to the strip.
  5. Select a site for the blood sample, usually the inside tip of the middle or fourth
    (ring) finger. If needed, warm the hands by running them under warm water or
    rubbing them together to help improve blood flow.
  6. Clean the site with the alcohol prep pad and wait until the alcohol evaporates.
  7. Pierce the side of the finger tip with the lancet and obtain a drop of blood. The
    type of drop of blood is determined by the type of strip you are using (some use a
    “hanging drop” of blood versus a small drop for strips that draw blood in with a
    capillary action).
  8. Place the drop of blood on or at the side of the strip. Make sure the strip “blood
    window” is full of blood, if not the reading may be inaccurate.
  9. Place a band-aid on the puncture site.
  10. The glucometer will take a few moments to calculate the blood sugar reading.
    Follow the doctor’s orders for whatever the blood sugar reading is. Make sure to
    record the results.
  11. Put the lancet in an impervious (Sharps) container with a tight-fitting lid. This
    type of container is leak proof and cannot be punctured by sharp objects.
  12. Hold paper towel, alcohol prep pad and test strip in gloved hand, take off one
    glove at a time, turning gloves inside out as they are taken off. Place gloves in a
    lined, covered trash can or seal inside a baggie.
  13. Wash hands with soap and warm running water or hand sanitizer.

*Consult your instructor and policy & procedure manual before preforming any nursing procedures.  Slight differences may exist between this resource and your institution’s desired method.

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