Hello Future Nurses!

Have you started nursing school or applied and waiting to hear if you are accepted?  We encourage students to come here and preview all things nursing to give you a leg up on all you are about to learn.  Most schools have you do your prerequisites first and then start your nursing courses.  If you are at all like I was, by the time you get to your nursing classes, you’ve forgotten all about what the adrenal gland secretes and couldn’t really make the connection to how that fits into nursing.  Well, you are in luck because our resources are set up to review every body system and connect it to nursing.  Our body system pages has a list of resources broken down by:

  • Review of the Anatomy and Physiology
  • How to preform an assessment on that body system
  • Patient care related to that body system
  • Diseases and Disorders involving that body system and what to watch out for as a nurse
  • Common medications that affect that body system and what you need to know as a nurse

We also have demonstrations of all of your nursing procedures from a variety of expert nursing instructors.  Watch again and again until you are comfortable and confident.  We also have Writing and Reporting resources and much more.  Use the search box or browse all our topics from the “Resources” from the drop-down menu above.

During your next school break visit our Career Center and be sure to upload your resume to NursingCareerJourney.com.  New Grad Nurses are back in high demand.  Let a nurse recruiter find you before you graduate.  You could be eligible for a sign-on bonus!

Resources average about  3-8 minutes long, but some concepts need more time than that.  We suggest you watch the videos at a rate of 1.5 to 2.0 x normal speed and slow it down when you need to or watch it twice. Your brain can process language at a faster speed then most people talk and it keeps your attention much better then a normal lecture.  Besides, our resources are used to preview or review material you have already learned from your books and lecture.   More resources are added every day as we migrate and update from our old location at SNJourney.com.  Sign up for our Student Nurse TODAY newsletter to stay in the loop and find out about scholarships, internships, practice exam questions and more.

Good luck and happy learning!


Karen Kearsley, RN
Editor, Student Nurse Journey


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