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new grad nurse resume

Example New Graduate Nurse Resume and more tips.

Your resume is your own personal advertisement, or marketing tool, and like any advertisement its purpose it to get a person’s (the nurse recruiter’s) attention. Recruiters get volumes of resumes and going through them can be tedious.  They don’t have time to read every word.  In fact, they don’t.  With today’s human resource software you will be asked to upload your resume electronically and it will be entered into a database.  When a job opening comes up the HR person will input keywords to her system, much like a Google search, and those candidates whose resumes best match those keywords will rise to the top.


Submit Submit Submit

Typically, the HR person will send off the top resumes, “The short list,”  to the nurse hiring manager.  How do you get your resume to rise to the top of the database list? Good question. One thing is for sure that you can’t make the top ten if you are not in the database at all.


One criteria could be resumes recently received. Older submitted applications would get pushed to the back just for the fact a job seeker who applied 2 months ago may already have found a job elsewhere.  Re-submit your resume every few weeks.


Do Your Research

The most favorable New Grad Nurse jobs, Nurse Residency Programs, are different in that they hire groups, or cohorts, of new grads at specific times of  year.  A cohort starting in late spring may have an application deadline of the prior  September or November.  It’s important to research your target hospitals well before graduation.  Sign up for our newsletter to find out about what hospitals are offering and deadlines to apply.


Making the Short List

Want a better shot of your resume making it onto the short list?  Have your resume hand delivered or emailed to the recruiter by an inside employee; a unit manager if possible. Personally recommended candidates always make the short list.  Find more resume tips and an example resume here: sample new grad nurse  resume.

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