These students did a great job with this nursing mob dance and dance moves.  Do these moves and only your nursing friends will have a clue of what you are doing.  My favorite is the butterfly-like catheter insertion move.  It just cracks me up!  What’s YOUR favorite nurse dance move?   Tell us in the comments below…..

Kernig’s Sign – an indication usually present in meningitis that consists of pain and resistance on attempting to extend the leg at the knee with the thigh flexed at the hip –Merriam-Webster

Brudzinski Sign – flexion of the lower limbs induced by passive flexion of the head on the chest –Merriam-Webster

Rule of 7 for medication administration

  • RIGHT drug
  • RIGHT client (Two Identifiers)
  • RIGHT dose
  • RIGHT time
  • RIGHT route
  • RIGHT reason
  • RIGHT documentation

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