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Faye Glenn Abdellah – Twenty-One Nursing Problems

Faye G. Abdellah – Hall of Fame Award .pdf 1 Pg* ANA Beg
Changing the World. . .One Step at a Time Text 5 pg Masters SNs Beg
10 Steps to Identify the Client’s Problems .jpg 1 image Unknown Beg
Patient centered approach in nursing theory .ppt 10 Slides Oluyemisi A. Okudele Beg
Short Bio Text 1 pg ANA Beg

Patricia Benner – Novice to Expert Theory

Novice to Expert Video 4:44 Jackie Ploszak Beg
From Novice to Expert: Building the Bridge from Student to Graduate to Professional .doc 5 pg Christopher W. Blackwell, Ph.D., ARNP-C Beg
Novice to Expert: Through the Stages to Success in Nursing CEU course 2 pg Cynthia Saver, RN, MS [+2] Beg

A. Boykin & S. O. Schoenhofer – Nursing as Caring

Nursing as Caring Text 1 pg History.com Beg
A Model as Caring EBook 50+ pg Boykin & Schoenhofer Beg
Nursing as Caring in Real Clinical Settings Video 33:00 Savina Schoenhofer Int
Anne Boykin & Savina O. Schoenhofer Nursing Theorists Presentation 5:00 Jacey Martinis, SN, Katie Channell, SN Beg

Juliet Corbin and Anselm Strauss – The Trajectory Model [Chronic Illness]

The Trajectory Model, an overview Text 1 pg Unknown Beg
The Chronic Illness Trajectory Text 10 pg S. Pierce PhD Beg
The Trajectory Model .pdf Text & Diagrams 5 pg  Unknown Author Beg

Joanne R. Duffy – Quality-Caring Model

Quality-Caring Model Overview .pdf 1 pg MD Anderson Beg
Text 3 pg Joanne R. Duffy, DNSc, RN, CCRN Beg
Quality Caring Model of Care .pdf 2 pg Kelly Jenkins RN, BSN Beg

Lydia E. Hall – The Care, Core & Cure Model of Nursing

The Aspects of Care, Core, Cure Text 3 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Nursing Theory: The Care Core and Cure Model of Nursing by Lydia hall Text & Diagrams 6 pg Reynaario Cabezadd Ruiz Jr. RN Beg
Nursing Theory: Lydia E. Hall Presentation 14 Slides Rosemary Nganga, SN Beg

Virginia Henderson – Definition of Nursing

Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory Overview Text 2 pgs Unknown Beg
Virginia Henderson Nursing Theory Presentation 32 Slides Fallan Pryor, SN Beg
Virginia Henderson Interview – March, 1978 Video 54:39 Virginia Henderson
Nursing Theory Presentation – Class presentation Video 12:29 Barbara Sullivan, SN + 7 Beg
Linking Theory to Nursing – Henderson’s Need Theory Video 8:52 Robert Ericson, SN Beg

Dorothy Johnson – Behavioral System Model

Johnson’s Behavior System Model – overview Text 2 pg Unknown Beg
One Conceptual Model of Nursing Text 11 pg Dorothy Johnson Int
The behavioral System Model Text 4 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Dorothy Johnson Video 12:40 Sara Starbuck, SN +8 Beg

Imogene King – General Systems Framework & Goal Attainment 

Imogene King Bio Text 1 pg Unknown Beg
Statement to Students Text 1 pg Imogene King Beg
Goal Attainment Song and Skit Video 3:00 Lisa Grace, SN Beg
King’s Conceptual System and Theory of Goal Attainment and Transactional Process Text 6 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg

Katherine Kolcaba – Theory of Comfort

The Comfort Line Website  — Katherine Kolcaba, PhD. Beg
Applying CT to Specific Populations Power Point  32 Slides Katherine Kolcaba, PhD. Int

Madeleine M. Leininger – Cultural Care Universality

Sunrise Model Overview Text 3 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Culture Care: Diversity and Universality Theory Text 6 pg Kathleen Sitzman, PhD & Lisa Wright Eichelberger, DSN Beg
Madeleine Leininger Interview part I Video 12:03 Madeleine Leininger, PhD. Int
Madeleine Leininger Interview part II Video 13:23 Madeleine Leininger, PhD. Int

Myra Levine – Conservation Model

The Conservation Model – Overview Text 2 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Myra Levine Presentation 73 Slides Renee Rose Magsakay, SN Beg

Betty Newman – Systems Model

The Newman Systems Model Essays Text 7 pg Patrick Heyman, PhD & Sandra Wolfe Beg
Newman Systems Model Power Point Power Point 18 Slides Betty Newman, PhD. Beg
The View at Drew Show – Theory Presentation Video 14:23 Rosanna Preall, NPSN + 6 Beg
The Fresh Nurse; The Betty Newman Story Video 1:29 Jessica Sergent, SN Beg

Florence Nightingale – Environmental Adaptation Theory

Notes on Nursing: What it is and What it is Not  Ebook 13 Chapters Florence Nightingale Beg
Nursing: Client and Environment in Balance Text 3 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Nursing Theorist: Florence Nightingale Presentation 20 Slides Michelle Riley, SN Beg

Dorothea Orem – Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory

Self Care Deficit Nursing Theory Overview Text 3 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Application example of Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory Text 7pg Unknown Beg
Dorothea Orem Presentation Presentation 32 Slides Lisa Anyanele, SN +3 Beg
Dorothea Orem (SCDNT) Skit Video 4:46 Ferris State Nursing Students Beg
Self Care Theory Skit Video 5:10 Ashley Carranza, SN +9 Beg
Orem’s Self-Care Model Text 2 pg Anonymous, SN Beg

Ida Jean Orlando

The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship Text 3 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Ida Jean Orlando The Nursing Process Presentation 24 Slides M. S. Macapaz-Abadejos, SN Beg
Ida Jean Orlando – The Nursing Process Research Paper 2 pg J. B. Gregory, SN Beg
Nursing Process Mob Dance Video 3:53 San Pedro College  Student Nurses Fun

Nola Pender – Health Promotion Model

Nola J. Pender – Health Promotion Model Presentation 14 Slides Narsgalence Int
Nola J. Pender – Faculity Page Text 1 pg University of Michigan SON
Health Promotion Model FAQs Text 2 pg Nola J. Pender, PhD. Beg
Health Promotion Model Documents Test & Forms Multi Nola J. Pender, PhD. Int

Hildegard Peplau – Theory of Interpersonal Relations

Hildegard Peplau – Nursing Theorist Homepage Website Multi Cheryl Forchuk, Phd. Beg
Application of Interpersonal Theory  Text 8 pg Unknown Beg
Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory Presentation 14 slides Zafar Iqbal Beg
Peplau Theory Video 4:45 Sandra Zelaya, SN + 3 Beg

Martha Rogers – The Science of Unitary Human Beings

The Science of Unitary and Irreducible Human Beings Text 3 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Martha Rogers – Philosophical Roots Presentation 25 Slides Dan Weburg, BSN Adv
An Introduction to the Science of Unitary Human Beings Text 15 pg Francis C. Biley, PhD Adv
Pandimensional Video 6:02 John Smeltzer, SN Beg
Martha Rogers Interview part I Video 9:33 Jaqueline Fawcett, PhD Beg
Martha Rogers Interview part II Video 9:17 Martha Rogers, PhD Beg
Martha Rogers Video Bio Video 2:42 John Smeltzer, SN Beg

Sister Callista Roy – Adaptation Model

Faculty Biography Text 1 pg Boston College Beg
Roy Adaptation Model Text 16 pgs Jones & Bartlett Learning Int
Sister Callista Roy and the Adaption Model Presentation 15 Slides Stephanie Krasinski, SN Beg
Sister Callista Roy Video 10:43 Sandra Calcagno, SN + 8 Beg
Roy’s Adaptation Model – Role Function & Interdependence Video 10:13 UNB-Humber Nursing Students Beg

Roy Adaptation Model – Through Argentine Tango

Video 5:00 Sunita Bendale, SN Beg

Kristen M. Swanson – The Swanson Theory of Caring

Kristen M. Swanson Bio Text 1 pg UNC Beg
Empirical Development of a Middle Range Theory of Caring Text 6 pgs Kristen M. Swanson Int
Translating Caring Theory Into Practice Text 8 pgs Mary Tonges, PhD, RN, FAAN, NEA – BC Int
Can Caring Be Taught? .ppt 12 pgs Keith Rischer RN, MA, CEN, CCRN Beg

Jean Watson – Theory of Human Caring

Caring Science as Sacred Science Text 2 pg Angelo Gonzalo, PhRN Beg
Jean Watson Theory of Caring Video 9:55 Amanda, SN +4 Beg
Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring Presentation 19 Slides Ania Mortier, SN(MS) Int
Text 25 pg Chantal Cara, Ph.D Int
Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring Presentation 15 Slides Courtney Leland, SN + 4 Beg
Theory of Human Caring .pdf 13 pg Jean Watson, PhD Int
Caring Science Presentation Video 16:48 Jean Watson, PhD Beg
Theory of Human Caring Using Carative Factors Video 8:19 Yesenia Rois, SN +3 Beg
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