Student Nurses learn so much from clinical practice and Student Nurse Journey encourages you to share stories from your most memorable days in clinical rotation..  HIPPA laws allow us to share case studies and stories about patients as long as we are not sharing any identifiable information.  However, I just don’t feel totally comfortable writing about a special patient, who helped me learn so much, and sharing it without their knowledge.  Even though the story  makes them totally anonymous and is legal to do so.

Patient dignity and respect is of utmost importance in the world of nursing.  Please ask your patient for permission to use what you have learned with them.  Below is a sample dialogue:


You: Hello Mr. Jones.

I have enjoyed caring for you these past ____ days and I want you to know I’ve learned a lot during our time together.

For my Instructor, I will be writing up a summery of my observations,  including the care I provided and what I’ve learned.  Your name will not be included in the summery.  Instead, I will identify you as, “A handsome gentleman in his 70s admitted for [enter diagnosis].”  Would this be okay with you?

Patient: Yes.

You: Great!  Would you have any objections if I also shared it with other nursing students so they can learn from my experiences?

Patient: That’s fine.

You: Lastly, may I include it as part of my professional portfolio to be shared with nursing recruiters as a sample of my work?

Patient: Sure.

You: Thank you very much for allowing me take part in your care this week.  I’ve enjoyed working with you and wish you a speedy recovery.

Now you can share what you learned  in good conscience and also note, “Submitted with patient’s permission.” at the end your work.

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