May 24, 2015 0

PERRL Assessing Pupils

♥ PERRLA – P upils E qual R ound R eactive to L ight and A ccommodation ( the ability of the eyes to focus on objects that are close up and faraway) You can test this by having them follow your finger from away to close to their nose and watch them go slightly cross-eyed.  Often the “A” is left off or not done and you just see PERRL ♥ PEARL – P upils E qual A nd R eactive to L ight ...

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What Do Nurses Do? Part-2

What to Expect in Nursing School In nursing school you will be learn about the art and science of nursing.  Most people recognize the art of nursing.  It’s the nurturing relationship the nurse forms with the patient and their family.  It’s the knowing just how to talk to the patient, when to come closer and when to give space.  You will figure out how to teach patients in a manner of when, where and how they will best understand.  Teaching and patient interaction will be tailored differently for each patient you encounter.   As in any art your style will be ...

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