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There are so many great resources at our fingertips however, there are ten times more, irrelevant or disreputable resources to sort through.  At Student Nurse Journey we have weeded out the least helpful and collected the best appropriate resources to help your students understand nursing concepts.  I advise our site for Preview and Review purposes.  Most info is presented short bytes, about 3-5 min. each, to introduce students to topics they are about to learn in class so not all the terms they hear will be new terms; a large percentage will be reinforced.


Anatomy and Physiology is the foundation of nursing knowledge.  There are plenty of great A&P resources on the web today.  Students take general anatomy and physiology a year before starting their nursing courses.  So many have forgotten a good portion of what they learned and were never taught how to connect that knowledge to nursing.  We provide A&P review material that also introduces them to nursing concepts as we add tips and comments of how it relates to nursing and what it means to them as a nurse.


A&P resources are just the beginning.  There is so much more in our community including Nursing History, and Nursing Theory and Theorists.  You’ll find great Writing and Reporting info including fantastic examples of Transferring Care at the Bedside with explanations of all terms so even beginners can follow along.


No Surprises

Have you met new students who think nursing is what they see on TV?  Requiring students to read “What do Nurses Do?” before they start classes ensures they enter into your program without any misconceptions.  It gives them a heads up to the seriousness and hard work ahead.  It introduces them to Student Nurse Journey and gets them previewing basic nursing concepts and topics.  They’ll either come to you primed with nursing concepts and ready for the challenge, or with a request to change majors.


Promoting a Culture of Students Helping Students

We are proud of the collection we have put together.  We are even more proud to include and showcase student nurses’ original works.  They do a fantastic job and make some very entertaining videos.   We encourage students to submit all types of original works and become Guest Editors.  Students are invited to ask questions and encouraged to discuss the topic in the comment area below each internal resource.


The Bottom Line. . . It’s All About Patient Safety

The more nursing knowledge the safer the practice.  If students preview our resources before their classes and review as necessary we feel confident it will benefit the students and their future patients.  We are here to make a difference, especially to those who need a bit of extra help.  Who knows, we may even have a hand in raising the NCLEX pass rate.


If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me directly.



Karen Kearsley, RN BSN
Owner/Editor Student Nurse Journey

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Hello, I’m Karen Kearsley, RN, BSN, the creator and editor of Student Nurse Journey. Combining nursing knowledge and programming skills my mission is to help nursing students. I enjoy providing students assistance with difficult nursing topics by presenting resources in a variety of multimedia formats with many contributing authors. It’s the showcasing and celebrating students’ original work and accomplishments that make up my favorite pages. I hope not only help students in their education but to also promote a culture of students helping students and have that carry on to nurses helping nurses throughout their careers.

Karen Kearsley

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