Exposing Nursing Knowledge

One relatively new trend in nursing does give a better understanding to patients and their families just what it is nurses do beyond the vital signs and meds.  Bedside hand off is where you go over the many assessments you performed on your patient, and how those assessments dictated your plan of care.  At the end of a shift, the nurse will enter the patient’s room with the oncoming nurse and verbally go over the preceding shift with a rundown of all that took place.  Patients and families are enlightened as you go over their day with the oncoming nurse and mention all of your observations and how you responded, reacted and intervened.

Rewards of Nursing

Where do I begin?  Making a difference in patient’s life and their family’s lives is a reward itself.  You are almost guaranteed to find your perfect niche.  Some nurses find a love in pediatrics, others in hospice care and some enjoy the operating room or ED.  There are so many more avenues to choose.  So many students start school with a particular population in mind and find themselves developing a passion for a totally different department.  Nursing is a Journey!

Nursing school is challenging and rewarding. Student Nurse Journey is here to help get you started, help you understand the tough concepts and always here when you need to review or just want to share.  Visit our Career Center.  Advice from nurse managers includes working as a nursing assistant while in school.  My advice is to research hospitals with the best residency programs where you would like to begin your career as a nurse. Work there as a nursing assistant and give them 110% each shift.  Consider that job as part of your professional nurse interview.


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