Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a Boston Marathon bombing survivor, goes into detail about her experience as a patient in the hospital and gives examples of painful comments made to her by hospital staff.  At the end of the talk she explains behaviors that were most comforting during her most difficult times.

  As a nurse you will learn that you are not only caring for the patient but also for the family as well.  You will care for the family members’ emotions by answering thier questions in a friendly and calm manor. Your goal is to reduce tension in the room.  Decreasing any tension in the room increases your patient’s comfort.  Some will feel comfortable asking questions and others will not but you can hone in their uncomfortableness.  The video shares great advice, coming from a patient, on how to advise friends and family to best support thier loved one going through difficult times.  .  . and what NOT to say.

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