This is a great introduction to using your stethoscope and where to auscultate heart sounds for the beginner nursing student.  Although there are no audio files of actual heart sounds, Rona does a fantastic job of demonstrating where to place your stethoscope to look like a pro in front of your nursing instructor.  As a beginner you are expected to listen for “lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub”  and report whether it is a regular rhythmic beat or not and what the beats per minutes are (Lub-dub together = 1 beat.) Normal resting heart rate of an adult is 60-100 beats per minute and children are higher than that but adult super athletes’ heart rates can go as low as 40 and can be normal baseline for them.

“Lub” = S1 heart sound and “Dub” = S2 heart sound.  S3 and S4 are extra abnormal heart sounds

If you hear an odd heart beat, check in their chart to see if they have a history of Aortic stenosis, Mitral Regurg, etc. and/or ask your instructor to listen with you and give you their thoughts.   

It will take listening to hundreds  to thousands of heart beats to feel comfortable to all the variations of heart sounds before you can listen and make an assessment like a pro.  So don’t sweat it as a student and ask for help when you need it.

Check out the next few heart sound resources on the cardiac review list to hear actual audio files of heart sounds and of murmurs.

Thanks Rona for creating this great helpful video!




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